As you can see from a brief look around this website, Astrojazz has enjoyed a number of fruitful partnerships that has resulted in many successful projects and events delivered in the independent music sector. Clients have ranged from small charities through to large organisations, such as the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, with whom Astrojazz has co-programmed events since 2010.

From production and lighting designers, artist agents and venue managers to media outlets, national distribution companies and creatives of all kinds, Astrojazz has built an extensive network of partners that is geared towards the delivery of original, independent and successful events and music-based projects.

If you are planning any aspect of an event, from a small fundraiser to a large-scale outdoor event, Astrojazz can provide help and consultation on any of the aspects described below. For more information you can get in touch via the contact page.

  • Event Production
    • Venue sourcing and hire
    • Technical and logistical advice
    • Backline hire and specification
  • Event Promotion
    • Flyer and poster design
    • Flyer and poster distribution
    • Social networking and advice
    • Promotion co-ordination and advice
  • Event Programming
    • UK and international artist sourcing and booking
    • Programme development
  • Tour Management
    • Logistical advice
    • Tour management services

Astrojazz can also help in the conceptual phase of musical events or projects – you may not know what it is you want to do, just that you wish to do it. Again, feel free to get in touch, even just for a vague chat about your ideas.